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Septic Tank Services, Commercial & Domestic

Plendrive provides Septic Tank Cleaning services from its central location perfect for regions of Melbourne’s East through, South East, Gippsland and going towards Westernport and the Mornington Peninsula.

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About Septics

Being centrally located means that one of our trucks & drivers will get to you fast if you live around Monbulk, Olinda, Kalista, Emerald, Ferntree Gully, Belgrave, Beaconsfield, Pakenham all the way to Baw-Baw, into East Gippsland etc. We also have a team, Westernport Waste, that services the regions of Westernport and the Mornington Peninsula including Langwarrin and surrounding areas.


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We Care

We care about the environment and make every aspect of our services safe.  When you call upon our services, you can rest assured that you are doing your part in keeping our environment safe for our future and that of our kids.

  • Septic Tank Pumping and Cleaning for both Commercial & Domestic
  • We assist with Blocked Toilets including servicing Portable Toilets on-site
  • We also collect and dispose of Wasterwater
household liquid waste disposal services

Commercial Septic Tanks

It is common for rural work places to have a septic system in place, such as pubs, wedding/event venues, service station, winery/brewery, sporting venues, schools & more. The process of emptying is much similar to that of a domestic septic tank system (Click here for more info) Although, in workplace situations it is likely the pump out frequency of your septic system will be required to be more frequent then 3 yearly. Whatever the requirement may be we can place your business on our forwarding system to ensure you are staying right on top of those pump outs and keeping all the staff & customers happy and free from unwanted drainage problems such as smells and blockages.

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Septic Tank Cleaning

We highly recommend to have your system emptied every 3 years to avoid any issues, which may come in the forms of overflowing of waste into your backyard, or alternatively due to solidified waste inside the tank any new waste may infiltrate inside your house! If your septic tank system is not well looked after the damages can be very costly.

Septic Tank Waste Cleaning Services - Plendrive in Victoria


Although the de-sludging of your tank is generally the only maintenance it requires it also important to be wary of what is going inside it – It is recommended to stick to natural products only when cleaning the systems inside your house. There are products that advertise ‘septic tank and grey water friendly’ and white vinegar can assist with drainage issues. Also please refrain from putting anything down your toilets that isn’t toilet paper including wipes, sanitary products, cigarettes, Nappies or any foreign objects. Also it is highly recommended not to use excessive bleach this can disturb bacteria inside your septic that is required to function properly as well as it will cause the system to smell horribly

Grey Water Pits Waste Cleaning Services by Plendrive in Victoria

Septic Tank Lids

Unfortunately we only have limited equipment to locate and expose septic tank lids and therefore it is a requirement that they are exposed prior to our arrival. Septic systems are predominately buried, they can vary in depth. If it is your first septic tank pump out on the property and you are unsure of the location of the tank, it is recommended you try and get in contact with the previous owner or potentially the location may be on the plans to the house. You may require a drainage plumber to locate and expose for you in some cases.

Lids Of Septic Tank - Plendrive in Victoria

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