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Our Fleet

An Elite fleet comprising of 6 trucks. Our fleet consists of aluminium vacuum tankers specifically designed and imported from USA to provide the best possible services in the liquid waste industry. Our tankers are an advantage as they are sleek and light in their design, we are legally permitted to carry more waste than steel tankers due to their lightweight materials. Included in our fleet we have 2x Trucks & Tankers set for bulk cartage with the ability to cart 28,000 – 35,000 Litres! Also included is 2x combination trucks fitted with Non-Destructive Digging equipment. In additional to our truck fleet, we have a specialized trailer unit to tow into those restrictive sites.

Mercedes Benz - Atego

Make: Mercedes Benz
Model: Atego
Year: 2010
Description: Medium Rigid, Single Axle
Volume: 10,000 Litres
Dimensions: 2.8H x 2.2W


Septic Tank Cleaning Services by Plendrive in Victoria


Make: Scania
Model: XT
Year: 2021
Description: Heavy Rigid, Tandem Axle, This truck is equipped with pressure washer for non-destructive digging, liquid waste removal and tank cleaning
Volume: 14,000 Litres + 14,000 litre (dog trailer)

Transport Capacity: 28,000 Litres
Dimensions: 3.6H x 2.5W


Make: Volvo
Model: FM13
Year: 2007
Description: Heavy Rigid, Tandem Axle
Volume: 14,000 Litres + 14,000 Litre (Dog Trailer)
Transport Capacity: 28,000 Litres
Dimensions: 3.6H x 2.5W


2,500 litre

Slip On Unit, this unit is designed for those tricky low clearance jobs. On a trailer the height is clearing within 2.1M 

Scania – Combination unit

Make: Scania
Model: P380
Year: 2006
Description: Heavy Rigid, Twin Steer, Tandem Axle
Volume: 10,000 Litres waste tank, 4,000 Litres Water tank
Dimensions: 3.8H x 2.5W


Make: DAF
Model: XF530
Year: 2023
Description: Heavy Rigid, Tandem Axle, Bulk Cartage
Volume: 14,000 Litre Tanker + 21,000 Litre (Dog Trailer)
Transport Capacity: 35,000 Litres
Dimensions: 3.6H x 2.5W

Isuzu 4x4

Make: Isuzu
Model: NP S
Year: 2017
Description: 4×4 Medium Rigid, Single axle
Volume:  3,500 Litres
Dimensions: 2.5H x 2W

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Our family business of 10 employees all committed to provide the best customer service and liquid waste solutions to our community.

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