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Holding Tank Service Melbourne

Holding tanks are generally a temporary set up, they can come in forms of toilet blocks, bathrooms or kitchens.

We find them often in construction industry or those projects that require a temporary set up, until a long term duration job is completed.

Holding Tanks Waste Cleaning Services - Plendrive in Victoria

About Holding tanks

They can be in-ground or above ground to take waste like sewage or grease generally. These systems pump out frequency predominately depends on the size of the tank as well as the number of people using them. It is important to note that these tanks do not have a drainage/overflow system attached, which therefore, will hold the entirety of the waste and fill up quickly. After the first initial pump outs we can usually determine what frequency is required to ensure we avoid an overflow or blockage. As always once frequency is determined we are more than happy to automatically book the job in according to what suits to take that pressure off your project.


Portable toilets – Whether for an event, project or job site we empty all types and toilet blocks. We have disinfectant for after the pump out. Our forwarding system is great for portable toilets as they can fill up quite quickly and this way you can assure your staff or customers that the toilets will not be an issue on site.

Holding Tanks Cleaning Services - Plendrive in Victoria

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