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Non-Destructive Digging

Plendrive offers high-pressure water for excavation and non-destructive digging services to Melbourne’s Outer South Eastern Regions, from Dandenong through to Berwick, Beaconsfield, Pakenham and all the way to Warragul. We also provide hydro excavation services to some areas of Gippsland and Cranbourne.

Plendrive Hydro Excavation

Hydro Excavating ensures that you minimise the risk of digging damage to sewer lines, electrical wiring, gas lines, internet & phone cables and any other vital plumbing network that runs underground. As you can imagine, rupturing / tearing / or sticking a hole into any of those critical gas, electrical, water or telecommunications network could set you back with days and dollars of inconvenience.

This is why, non-destructive digging or hydro excavation is a highly sought after method when damage minimisation is required.

In actual fact, hydro excavation can also be used to locate or find and expose any underground utilities that require safe access to without damage.

Non-Destructive Digging & MUD

Hydro excavation is the new safe and risk free method of locating under-ground services and trenching for new services.

More damage and costs are caused when heavy machinery is used in digging and excavation in areas where there might be: Fibre-optic cables, underground power, gas, water and Sewer.

We have 2 trucks equipped with hydro excavation (non-destructive digging) equipment. We can dig & locate services or dig trenches for new services. With our equipment we are also able to dig in footings for concrete posting. Our trucks range from 10,000 litres to 14,000 litres and carry 1000 litres of water. Due to our trucks large capacity we are able to get a full day of work in before having to empty.

We also assist with directional drilling and boring companies, by removing the drilling mud waste.

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