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Triple Interceptor Cleaning Melbourne

These interceptor pit clean outs are absolutely crucial to protect our sewer & storm water systems. They intercept harmful waste, chemicals, mud, oil and other heavy debris before they infiltrate into our sewer and storm water systems. It is a requirement to have the Triple Interceptor and Wash bays cleaned regularly to comply with environmental standards. Our trucks are fitted with water and pressure hose to ensure an effective clean of stubborn waste. Generally we recommend the frequency of a clean out to be no less than 6 months, depending on the size of the pit and usage. Once frequency is determined we can automatically forward the job to the next required pump out and will get in contact before we come on site. All staff and appropriate trucks are EPA licensed and the waste will be disposed of appropriately with certification if required.

triple interceptor cleaning services by Plendrive

Car Wash

Car Wash pits generally have multiple interceptor pits in each wash bay as well as potential pump wells intercepting mud, oil and heavy debris prior to entering sewer or storm water drainage systems.  This is where our trucks that are equipped with water and pressure hose are most useful, to ensure a fast and thorough clean out. These pits can hold a large volume of waste and our 14,000 litre combination unit can make the cleaning simplified in one visit.

Car Wash Pits by Plendrive in Victoria

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